Beth's Flint Pants

It has been just over a year since I started dressmaking.  In that time I have learnt so much, and I particularly enjoy challenging myself and pushing myself to learn new techniques (although equally, I love a quick and easy sew too!).  One thing that I have been desperate to sew, but have been putting off, is a pair of fitted trousers, and I think this is because I have major issues even buying ready-to-wear trousers that fit me.  So far, I’ve made one pair of leggings and one pair of elasticated trousers, (as well as all-in-one garments that have trouser legs, such as my Blanca Flight Suit) but for my next blog post for Jenny Stitches, I decided the time had come to face the trousers!

I chose to make the Flint Pants (ok, ok, I’m making ‘pants’ not trousers!) by Megan Nielsen.  These are described as being wide-legged trousers or shorts with a crossover closure at the side.  Now I already know that, as a rule, a garment which is described as cropped is full-length on me, and these were no exception.  I love a cropped trouser, but as we’re approaching the Autumn months, I decided that a full-length trouser leg would actually work better at this time of year.

I chose a stunning 100% linen fabric in a deep navy colour from Jenny’s shop, which was a joy to work with.  You know when a fabric just behaves exactly as you want it to?  Well, this is it!  I think, sadly, the navy colourway is now sold out, but there is a beautiful and vibrant red and a gold which I think would also look amazing as a pair of Flints.

In terms of the pattern, this was a joy to follow.  The instructions were really well-written, with great diagrams to help.  The side-seam closure is such a clever feature of this pattern, and it’s really satisfying to see it all coming together.  You can either finish the side with buttons, as I did, or a small tie.  The pattern is marked as 2/5 in terms of the skill level, and I would say this is about right.  I didn’t find anything challenging, but definitely had to concentrate to make sure I got the pocket closure on the correct side of the trousers!


Since making my Flint Pants, I have worn them a few times, and I am absolutely in love with them.  They fit beautifully, are super comfy to wear, and I love the look of them, particularly the side closure and the wide legs.  My husband said to me ‘those trousers really suit you and look really good.  You’re always complaining about trousers so why don’t you make about five more pairs?!’  Now, who am I to argue with him?!  I actually can’t wait to make another pair – I’m eyeing up one of Jenny’s lovely denims for when we hit winter.  If you’ve not made any before, these are a relatively easy and relatively quick pattern to make and I urge you to joint the Flint Gang!

Jenny Says:

"Beth's Flint Pants look amazing and are the perfect weight for these transitional days as the temperatures start to drop. Making trousers can be intimidating but Beth has absolutely smashed it with her first pair, here's to many more!"

Inspired to make your own version? Here's what you'll need:

Pattern : Megan Nielsen Flint Pants & Shorts  Fabric : Washed 100% Linen


Beth was provided with the materials for her project free of charge and received a gift voucher in recognition of the time spent on her project.
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