Collection: Sweatshirting & French Terry

Sweatshirt fabric is a popular fabric that is used to make sweatshirts, hoodies, and other cosy, informal clothing. It has unique characteristics because cotton and synthetic fibres are used in conjunction to make it.

Characteristics and Composition

Cotton and synthetic fibres, like polyester, are frequently combined to create the cloth used for sweatshirts. Depending on the intended characteristics of the fabric, the proportion of each fibre can change. Synthetic fibres contribute strength and durability, while cotton gives the cloth its softness and breathability.

The looped, brushed surface on the inside of sweatshirt cloth is one of its distinguishing features. This texture is produced by brushing the cloth while it is during the finishing process, giving it a plush and fuzzy appearance. The fabric is made warmer and cosier by the air that the loops on the fabric capture.

Thickness and Weight

Medium-weight sweatshirt fabric usually weighs 8 to 12 ounces per square yard. This weight is perfect for creating cosy, relaxed clothing that isn't overly bulky. The thickness of the fabric also adds to its warmth and insulating qualities.


The stretch and recovery of sweatshirt cloth is another crucial technological feature. The fabric should be comfortable and have a decent amount of stretch, but it should also be able to regain its shape after stretching. Sweatshirts and hoodies in particular need to keep their shape because they are frequently worn for extended periods of time.

A high colourfastness rating for sweatshirt fabric means that the colour shouldn't wash out or bleed when cleaned or worn. Additionally, there shouldn't be much shrinkage in the fabric after washing, as this can change how the garment fits and takes on its original shape.

Uses and Applications

Sweatshirts, hoodies, and other informal clothing are typically made from sweatshirt fabric. Due to its comfort and breathability, it is also frequently used for athletic clothing, including joggers and track trousers. Sweatshirt fabric is frequently used for personalised clothing because it can be printed or embroidered with images, logos, and phrases.