Judi's Nicks Dress

Judi's Nicks Dress

As soon as I saw the Nicks dress by Closet Core on its release I thought of the 1970s vibe it sends off and how comfy it looked.  My thoughts were that it would be a wonderful spring make.  So when Jenny shared her new spring fabrics and I caught sight of the ‘Cosmos Pima’ cotton lawn in navy I just knew this was a combination that needed putting together.  The Cosmos Pima cotton lawn is also available in white, a colour combination which is just as stunning.

The Nicks Dress offers a wonderful size range but also embraces those tones of the 70s which are making a welcome return to the fashion market.  A lovely loose and fluid dress making you feel as though you are gliding through the seasons.  Furthermore with summers getting warmer you can go out wearing a dress which will cover you completely but, most importantly, allowing you the option to ‘breath’ so you will radiate elegance all day.


The make

Checking your measurements is always important but on this pattern it is even more so.  This is due to the fitting of the bodice around the shoulders  so you must ensure you check the bodice - bust to waist - measurements.  I am very narrow on my shoulders and bust in comparison to my waist.  This is an area I always check.   I also have ‘chunky arms’ so I will always favour a make with balloon sleeves.  Where there is gather in the sleeves you can easily size us, as you will be gathering into the armsyce.

I measured myself allowing for a slight amount on ease on my body measurements.  (I’m still just a little menopausal!). I then looked at the body size measure and compared these to the finished measurements.  Then I checked the finished measurements against my body to ensure that I wasn’t making a dress which was too big.  I needed to grade out from the bust to the hips, so  I made a slight adjustment to the pattern.  I needed to grade out from the waist to the hips so this was a little freehand adjustment on the top skirt piece.   

Key Skills

Burrito for the yoke


Rouleux loops


Fitting in a sleeve with gathers


The make

The instructions for the Nicks Dress are written fairly clearly as you would expect from Closet Core, however, you will need to read these carefully and not rely on instinct and knowledge throughout.  Some of the instructions are just a little confusing eg. the fitting of the binding and match up the marks for the yoke and bodice pieces.

I added top stitching to the yoke for an additional feature and finish.  If you choose to top stitch around the neck you will not need to understitch the back of the neck, but roll the the seam and tack/baste it in place before topstitching.

Next time

I will be making this dress again and will be modifying the sleeves to create a shorter sleeve.  Furthermore I will adjust the depth of the armsyce by 0.5-1.0 cm as I have found this a little too close fitting, along with  lengthening the bodice by 2 cm as I prefer dresses to sit below my natural waist.


Would I recommend this pattern?  A massive yes!  You’ll find a wide range of fabrics suitable for this pattern at Jenny Stitches Fabric.

Inspired to make your own version? Here's what you will need:

Pattern : Closet Core Nicks Dress & Blouse

Fabric : Cosmos Pima Cotton Lawn

[Disclosure: Judi was provided with the materials for her project free of charge and received a gift voucher in recognition of the time spent on her project.]

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