Judi's Westcliff Dress

Judi's Westcliff Dress

When I was selecting this project for Jenny Stitches I was drawn to the amazing selection of jersey, so I then looked through her range of patterns and settled on the Westcliff Dress by the Friday Pattern Company.   This is a pattern I have been thinking of making for some time.  A dress which would suit me as well as one which would be easy to wear yet make me feel amazing. 

After careful thought and choice I decided that I wanted to use one of Jenny’s viscose jersey fabrics.  I love the fluidity found in viscose, coupled with its softness, I knew would make the perfect comfortable easy to wear dress for the coming months.  On its arrival the fabric certainly did not disappoint and, again, I decided to choose a fabric from outside my comfort zone something I am trying to do more and more.

Alongside this project I wanted the opportunity to really road test Maraflex thread, the new stretch thread designed to make the sewing of jersey and other stretch, making the necessity to sew with a lightening zigzag stitch or an overlocker.  In short its really revolutionised the sewing of stretch fabrics.


I made the dress in a combination of sizes as one of the benefits of tracing off a printed pattern is the ability to scale up the sizes with ease.  My scaling for my triangular body shop was from 10 on the top to 14 around the hips.  Friday Pattern Company have both figure and finished measurement sizes making scaling up or down an easy task.  I did make one slight alteration to the pattern and that was to add some fullness to sleeve by opening out the sleeve pattern along the grainline and  two parallel lines and opening the pattern piece out before redrafting the sleeve head.  The sleeve head was then gathered into the garment.  I have been blessed with slightly chunky arms which seem to shrink and grow in proportion with me no matter what my weight, hence my liking for gentle balloon sleeves.


The garment itself fell together with the pieces slotting together easily.  There is a faux wrap to the front of the garment and, having a smaller chest I slightly adjusted the front band so the underneath part of the wrap was slightly tighter which resulted in this sitting beautifully across my chest with no gaping.  


With the skirt being a gentle A line skirt the hem was simple and not requiring any major levelling.  I hemmed both the skirt and the sleeves with the machine on a longer stitch.


Would I make this pattern again.  Most definitely.  I will slightly alter the skirt giving it slightly more fullness as I would love the skirt to have more swish.  I would also be very tempted to add the frilled tier on to the skirt next time to give even more  swish and movement. The dress is a lovely garment to wear and, with the usual styling we have become used to from the Friday Pattern Company, it is a dress which suits all body types.  With careful fabric choices the Wesfcliff dress can be dressed up and down depending on your choice.

Inspired to make your own version? Here's what you'll need:

Pattern: Westcliff Dress by Friday Pattern Company

Fabric: Inky Florals Viscose Jersey


Judi was provided with the materials for her project free of charge and received a gift voucher in recognition of the time spent on her project.
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Super version of the Westcliff dress and versatile fabric which can be dressed up or down! I think this is a brilliant pattern, I have made three and love them all.

Sarah Donnison

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