Maz's Plateau Joggers

Maz's Plateau Joggers

I’ve made lots of sweatshirts and jersey tops but never got around to making some comfortable loungewear trousers.  With the weather growing colder I’m thinking about getting cosy and comfy and the Plateau Joggers from Closet Core Patterns fit the bill perfectly.

The Plateau Joggers don’t seem to have a fan following anywhere near as big as the True Bias Hudson Pants, but I was leaning towards them due to their high waist and interesting pocket construction.  I did a little research, and it was suggested that due to the way the pocket is constructed, the side seam at the hip is eliminated, resulting in a less bulky hip area.  Without going into too much detail, I’ve had a LOT of surgery on my spine, pelvis, c-section etc… so high waist trousers are always a good shout.  I can confirm that these joggers are very comfortable and aren’t resting on, or tickling any scars which is pretty impressive when you resemble Frankenstein’s monster!

I chose to make my joggers with Jenny’s gorgeous denim look French Terry.  If you are new to sewing knits or have always been too nervous to try stretch, then this type of fabric would be perfect.  It does obviously have some stretch but it is so much easier to use than single cotton jersey (and definitely easier than viscose jersey!).  I found this French Terry to be quite lightweight which is perfect for between season weather and lounging around the house.  It presses well, is easy to line up and generally stays put when you need it to.  As per the instructions I chose to sew most of the joggers on my sewing machine and finish the seams on my overlocker.  This was especially important for the pockets, which is a little confusing and you want to make sure that bit is perfectly accurate in order to avoid any lumps and bumps.


The denim print on the joggers is what makes this fabric really special.  It really does look like denim (I hope I managed to capture that in the pictures) but without any of the stiffness and discomfort associated with a pair of jeans.  When I made these trousers, I had high expectations of a pair of joggers that could look a bit more ‘fancy’ yet despite being joggers could be paired with a nice top or blouse. The dream of being one of those put-together mums on the school run that has effortlessly combined comfort and chic.  However, I’m currently writing this looking like a blue koala (I think) after my five-year-old got hold of the face paint and insisted she made me look ‘fableous’.  I’m also coated in a good dusting of dog hair and feel less than fabulous, but we can all dream right!?


I chose buttonholes rather than grommets for the drawstring.  Both options scared me a little but you do this part before attaching the waistband, so all would not be lost if you did get it wrong the first time you give it a go.  I’d suggest having a practice first though if you’re like me and a little unsure.  I used my buttonhole foot and one of the 1 step buttonhole options available on my machine.   I chose a stretch option as this made sense to me when using a stretch fabric, and I’ve shown my practice stretch (zig zag) and standard (straighter) buttonholes in the pictures side by side.  To make sure the buttonholes were a good size for the cord I extended my button ‘holding’ area to the width of the cord and I’m pleased with the result.

These joggers really are lovely and they’re the type of thing that can be worn so easily for lots of occasions.  In these pictures I’ve teamed them with a white ‘Blomma Tank’ from Paradise Patterns using some of Jenny’s white cotton jersey available in her shop.  They can so easily be paired with a floaty blouse or shirt to realise all your ‘put-together’ mum on the playground dreams too!

Jenny Says:

"I'm not sure there's a more perfect pair of joggers if I'm honest! They look so warm and soft yet absolutely passable as a pair of 'outside' pants. I also love how Maz has managed to get her blog team mug and a copy of a magazine she is featured in into the shots too!!"

Inspired to make your own version? Here's what you'll need:

Fabric : Jeans Look French Terry

Pattern : Closet Core Plateau Joggers


Maz was provided with the materials for her project free of charge and received a gift voucher in recognition of the time spent on her project.
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