Meet The Jenny Stitches Blog Team

Meet The Jenny Stitches Blog Team

Hello and welcome to the shiny new Jenny Stitches Blog!

As soon as I decided to start this blog, I knew I would need some help! Apart from the fact there there's simply not enough hours in the day for me to sew up all the garments, I also want to be able to show you how different fabrics and patterns can look amazing on different ages, body types and a variety of individual styles.

Enter the blog team! A huge number of applications were received, it took a long time to narrow them down but I have selected a final ten bloggers who I just know will inspire you to get your sewing machine fired up with their beautiful makes.

Without further ado, here are your blog team!

Chloe Blyth

Chloe is originally from South Africa. She studied in Sweden and now lives in London. Chloe is a Metocean Engineer and enjoys ballet.

Favourite garments to sew : Dresses and trousers

Instagram :

Sarah Baillie

Sarah is a professional opera singer and a Tilly and the Buttons cover model!  She found childhood fame as a competitive skipper.

Favourite garment to sew : Midi dresses with fun sleeves!

Instagram: @superbailles

Marie-Claire Beatty (Maz)

Maz is a huge Disney fan but also enjoyed a good serial killer documentary! She was taught to sew by her grandma on a vintage singer machine.

Favourite garment to sew:  Well fitted tops, dresses & twirly party frocks for her little girl.

Instagram : @mazzlesmakes

Crystal Clovis

Crystal is a mum to 8 children and used to practice as a criminal defence solicitor. She sews at night time when the children are in bed!

Favourite garment to sew: Dresses, skirts and blouses, venturing into coat making!

Instagram: @mysewcialthread

Judi Watson

Judi lived in canada as a child, plays the oboe and took up canicross after being widowed, she's also a qualified teacher!

Favourite garment to sew: All of them! Judi just loves sewing.

Instagram: @running_sew_n_sew

Caroline Evans-Guthrie

When not sewing, caroline is an engineer and loves to act and sing in musical theatre!

 Favourite garment to sew: Dresses, Caroline loves to repeat patterns and nail the fit!


Rachel Ridgway

Rachel loves to run and once beat Nell McAndrew in a race!

Favourite garment to sew: Dresses with unique features, anything unusual!


Mary-Ellen Lynn

Mary-Ellen is a collector of degrees and has more letters behind her name than in it!

Favourite garment to sew: Vintage style fit and flare dresses.

Instagram: @shesewshappiness

Beth Billington

Beth is a music teacher/advisor and has taken 19 grades in 5 different instruments! She lives in the Lake District with her husband and two young children.

Favourite garment to sew: Beth loves to sew poppy and jazz patterns for her children.

Instagram: @letssewolive

Rheanne Sun Wai

Rheanne is an engineer based in the lake district and dance teacher in her spare time. she recently took up pole dancing!

Favourite garment to sew: Dresses, anything with puff sleeves! 

Instagram: @apetiteengineer

Wow! I'm sure you'll agree that you're in for a treat with this talented and beautiful group of Sewists. I'm looking forward to seeing what they all make over the coming months!

Jenny xxx

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I live in Mount Gambier South Australia and have 5 grown children and 10 grand children and love sewing for family and friends. I have been sewing for over 50 years and can’t stop,I love sewing dresses and tops and little girls dress just finished 18 for friends. I subscribe to Rachel, Mary-Ellen Judi and Crystal and enjoy them showing their makes. I am retired now but have been a cook, retail assistant and a lead light and tiffany artist.

Wendy Cooper

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