Sarah's Boucle Stanton

Sarah's Boucle Stanton

When the nights (and the mornings) get colder and darker, my sew-jo starts leaning towards two main themes: snuggly hibernation, and luxe glitterball, and for my latest Blogger project I have been strongly guided by the former.
Earlier in the Autumn I came across an Instagram post which showed a colour-blocked sweatshirt made using bouclé. Bouclé is a fabric created by weaving together two different strands of yarn with varying tension which creates a sort of knotted/curled texture. I have previously used it to make the Papercut Patterns Nova Coat, but until seeing this post I hadn't realised that it could also be used for sweatshirts. Looking back I think that in my head I had grouped it in with coating fabrics and had ignore the fact that there is some stretch in it which, with the right pattern, would make the perfect cosy sweatshirt!

It just so happened that a week or so later, Jenny shared a new collection of bouclé fabric on her website and I immediately thought of the sweater! I was unable to find the post again but it was etched on my mind, and I knew that I wanted to recreate it with my next blog project.

First up, I picked the colours that I would use (which ended up being four out of the five stocked). I ended up with Ochre, Merlot, Ocean and Mauve and some ribbing fabric in ivory. There is also a beautiful, rich Rust shade available.

I selected the Stanton Hoodie pattern from Cashmerette, as it has a modular design which lends itself well to colour-blocking. I knew that I would be making quite a few changes to the pattern. I omitted the hood and the front pocket. I had initially planned on using one of the collar options from the Expansion pack, but in the end I drafted my own simple crew neck. I wanted a looser fit, so I sized up and also added 5cm to the length of the bodice - and I could have added even more in hindsight. I also wanted a more graphic design for the colour-block which involved some extra work.

First up, I wanted to get an idea of colour placement. I used the Procreate app on my iPad to do some (very bad) drawings and get an idea of which colours and shapes I wanted and where. I then traced the pattern pieces out and cut them up accordingly, making sure to add 1cm seam allowance to accommodate all of the new seams I had created. I then connected each of the blocks to their corresponding pieces, so that I now had the pattern pieces that I would have started off with in the normal way.

From there, the construction was really simple.

In terms of the Stanton, it was a very straight-forward sew. It would have been more complex if I had included the hood, but the instructions were clear. I tend to prefer an over-sized hoodie, and even with sizing up and the additional length, this has a closer fit. Of course Cashmerette specializes in well-fitted garments, so this isn't a massive surprise. I noticed in the pattern pictures that the hoodie comes up quite short, and even on me at 5 ft 4, I think it would have been too cropped for my personal taste had I not added the extra 5cm. Overall though it is a fun pattern to construct and ideal if you prefer a closer fit.

Now, for the bouclé. I knew from my previous coat experience that it was a nice fabric to work with. It is easy to cut and pin, and the edges don't fray so you can leave them unfinished. I personally chose to leave them unfinished and find the interior seams weirdly satisfying to look at as the different colours come together. The colours that Jenny stocks are lovely too, really vivid and rich. The lovely Caroline has written a blog post on the Itch to Stitch Castillo Cardigan using the Ocean colourway. I can also recommend it for the Papercut Patterns Nova Coat, and I also think that it would make a lovely True Bias Marlo. There are so many ways to add some extra snuggle to your wardrobe. 

Although there is some stretch in bouclé, I wanted more flexibility in the neckline, waist band and cuffs hence the use of ribbing. I chose ivory as I thought that it would cool the rest of the colours down a bit whilst also looking more contemporary.

I am so thrilled with the final garment! It is, without a doubt, the most cosy item that I have ever made. I really like how the different shades have come together and how the extra colour-blocking means that I now have something that is unique to me. As soon as I wore it I also liked that it looked both modern, but also like a sweater from the eighties! The only thing now is that I don't want my Stanton confined to the house, so will have to venture out in to cold, rainy January instead.

Inspired to make your own version? Here's what you'll need:

Pattern: Cashmerette Stanton Hoodie (available in sizes 0-16 & 12-32)


Fabric : Boucle

Ocean / Ochre / Merlot / Rust / Mauve / Ivory Ribbing

At the time of writing, the only colours available in stock are Rust and a little bit of Merlot, boucle has been such a popular fabric this season!

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[Disclosure: Sarah was provided with the materials for her project free of charge and received a gift voucher in recognition of the time spent on her project.]

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