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Gutermann Maraflex 150m - 982

Gutermann Maraflex 150m - 982

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Elastic sewing thread with particularly high stretch
For flexible seams using straight stitch
Up to 80% seam stretch.
Adapts optimally to the stretch of a knitted fabric and elastic woven fabric.
Ideal for sewing around necklines, tight seams and sleeve and leg cuffs.
Sew with as little thread tension as possible and use as both needle and bobbin thread. Optimal seam elasticity with 4 stitch/cm.
Fabric recommendation: Light to medium-weight knitwear, for example jersey, or light to medium weight elastic woven fabrics, fabrics containing elastane.
Produced using MCT (Micro core technology).
Thickness No. 120. Needle: Jersey/stretch 70/80.

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